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•Shajae• 안녕

Hello people of the internet! Welcome to my blog! My name is Shajae, you can call me Shaj. Jamaican. 13. A girl with a passion to become something big in this world
someday. Lover of music. Weird and Proud【always am, and always will be…】
I blog whatever I feel like to.

"the 5 stages of tumblr
stage 1: you will understand nothing, “wtf is this” will be a reoccurring thought
stage 2: once you kind of get the hang of it, you will be on constantly and obsess over followers, even though your blog is probably still shit
stage 3: probably the shortest of all the stages, you will get bored of tumblr for a while and go out in the “real world”.
stage 4: you realize how addicting tumblr really is and how foolish you were to believe you could just leave
stage 5: tumblr becomes your life support. this stage never ends."

-unknown (via kushandwizdom)

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